Interactive Voting

During all our events delegates have the chance to express their views and opinions on the day’s debate through our interactive voting system.

This ground breaking technique will allow you, the delegates, to directly influence proceedings, and in turn allow for a wider consultation process.

You will be asked to respond to a series of questions submitted by both our speakers and delegates, the results of which will then be fed back to relevant policy-makers including government departments, select committees and the LGA.

All questions submitted should allow for a definitive answer rather than an open-ended response. For example, the question should allow for a True/False response or a choice of responses such as A, B, C or D. (please also include the answer options as well).

For an example of the format of our interactive questions, please click here

Delegates will also have a further opportunity to pose questions during the course of the morning in the open Q & A session.

Zero Hours Contracts - 9th Sept
The Freedom to Frack - 9th Sept
Planning Policy Briefing (MAN) - 10th Sept
Debt Advice and Debt Management - 10th Sept
The Future of NHS Leadership - 10th Sept
Regulation and Openness in UK Animal Research - 11th Sept
Improve Outcomes in the Early Years - 16th September
Social Housing Allocation - 16th Sept
Transforming Urgent and Emergency Care - 16th Sept
New Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (MAN) - 16th Sept
College Governor Leadership - 17th Sept
Crisis Communications Conference - 17th Sept
Improving Children’s Social Care - 18th Sept
Supporting Women in the Workplace - 18th Sept
Transforming Primary Care - 18th Sept
Supporting People with Daily Living & Mobility - 23rd Sept
The Future of Stop and Search - 23rd Sept
SEN Reform (LON) - 23rd Sept
The Role of Schools in Child Protection - 24th Sept
Mental Health Services for Children & Young People - 25th Sept
New CCTV and Surveillance Camera Codes - 25th Sept
National Security Summit - 21st Oct
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