Local Authority Parking: Creating a Fairer and More Efficient Future


  • Anthony Ferguson, Deputy Director of Traffic and Technology, Department for Transport
  • Kelvin Reynolds, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, British Parking Association
  • Gavin Moore, Head of Parking and Lighting, Environmental Services, Brent Council
  • Cllr Ric Pallister OBE, South Somerset District Council (event chair)
  • Neil Herron, Founder and CEO, Grid Smarter Cities
  • Anthony Eskinazi, Founder & CEO, JustPark
  • Cllr. Steve Forster, Hart District Council, Fleet West


Parking is an essential service with an invaluable impact on local authorities’ finances. However, the role of local authorities in providing and managing parking services remains a contentious issue and consumers’ perception of parking is poor. LAs and private companies must therefore ‘get it right’ to deliver a satisfactory town centre experience.

With recent changes to parking legislation and growing opportunities to transform services through smart technology, intelligent mobility and data use, now is the time for providers to examine and raise the level of their provision.

Join Westminster Briefing in July to explore the next steps for local authority parking. Delegates will receive a full update on the latest parking policy, funding and innovations. Discuss the current and future challenges of EV charging points, utilising ANPR cameras to police parking and understanding the new Parking (Codes of Practice) Act. You will also explore how to deliver innovative parking services and take good practice back to your setting.

About the day:

The day will be split into three sessions:

  • (1) Exploring key issues in parking policy
  • (2) Transforming your parking initiatives
  • (3) Learning good practice from other LAs


The early morning session will examine key issues in parking policy including EV charging, utilising ANPR cameras and the new Parking (Code of Practice) Act. 

The rest of the morning session will focus on current and future challenges in local authority parking: looking at the policy, funding and innovations that are affecting the sector.

The afternoon session will look closer at practitioner-focussed case studies, providing strategies to take back and implement in your setting.

Key issues to be addressed:

  • EV charging: understanding the basics of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Public authority power: using ANPR cameras to police parking
  • Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019: preparing for the implementation of a new code of practice
  • Examples of good practice from other local authorities 
  • Developing an effective EV charging policy
  • Transforming the perception of parking

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in local authority parking provision, including but not limited to: parking professionals and anyone working in delivering local authority parking services (parking teams, planning teams, highways managers), enforcement, local traffic management, councillors and associated charity and private sector partners.


For registration enquiries please contact: Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com | 0207 593 5657

To discuss event sponsorship, speaking opportunities and agenda content, please email: hollie.allen@dodsgroup.com

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Time: 11.00am - 3.30pm (including networking lunch)


Private Sector | 1 Place: £345 | 2+ Places: £295 each


Public Sector | 1 Place: £255 | 2+ Places: £205 each


Above prices exclude VAT

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