Tackling the Gender Pay Gap 2018

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Anna Turley MP, Member, BEIS Select Committee
  • Joanna Gregson, Principal (Legal) Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Sam Smethers, Chief Executive, Fawcett Society
  • Jo Lawton, Specialist Inclusive HR Projects, University of Leeds
  • Paula Rome, Partner, Shoosmiths
  • Jules Parkinson, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Inclusive Employers
  • Further Speakers TBC


According to a recent BBC Report; in nearly three quarters of UK companies men still earn more money than women for doing the same job. All private employers with a workforce of 250 or more and all public sector employees are obligated to report pay disparity between genders however, so far, it has done little to curb rising differences in pay. What more can be done to bridge the gap and ensure women are paid the same as men for the same job?

Join Westminster Briefing this May to learn about your obligations to ensure positive change in the workplace. Hear from your peers to discover what is already being done and develop concrete strategies to bridge the gap and ensure women are paid the same as men for the same job. 

Key issues to be addressed:

  • Legal obligations to report gender pay differences
  • Outlining the six measures used for calculating wage gaps
  • The implications of publishing reports and repercussions for non-compliance
  • How pay gaps can lead to mistrust and reduced recruitment and retention
  • What employers can do to reduce pay disparity moving forward
  • Understanding the reasons for the gap and holding ourselves accountable to make change
  • Developing a sustainable female talent pipeline
  • Achieving a positive culture of gender equality in an organisation
  • Building robust procedures which improve gender balance across all levels
  • Enabling culture change to bridge your gender pay gap for the long term

The issues will be divided into sessions entitled:

  • Gap Reporting: Duties and regulation 
  • The implications of the pay gap and how employers can respond
  • Bridging the gap

Who Should Attend?

Delegates will be drawn from anyone with an interest in bridging the gender pay gap including: decision makers in public bodies and the private sector; diversity & inclusion/equality officers; pay officers; pay officers; legal officers & elected members.

For registration enquiries please contact: Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com or Tel: 0207 593 5657

To discuss event sponsorship, speaking opportunities and agenda content, please email: Oliver.johnson@dodsgroup.com

Wednesday 4th July 2018

11.00am - 3.45pm (including networking lunch)

Private Sector | 1 Place:£295 | 2+ Places:£245 each
Public Sector & Non for Profit | 1 Place: £245 | 2+ Places:£195 each
All displayed prices exclude VAT

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