Workplace Payroll Challenges: Compensation, Benefits and Pensions


The modern working environment means that today’s workforce is highly mobile and highly competitive. A good employer knows that to attract and keep quality staff they need to offer a competitive salary and reward scheme that adequately reflects the business climate of today. But what else can you offer to recruit and retain talented staff?

Attend Westminster Briefing’s Compensation, Benefit and Pensions Schemes event on the 20th September. Join your peers who will be looking at why a compensation and rewards strategy could be beneficial to their place of work, how to develop an effective system and looking at examples of successful implementation.

Key issues to be addressed:

  • Building an optimum compensation scheme for the modern, mobile workforce
  • Ensuring compensation systems remain consistent with existing legislation
  • Establishing guidelines to follow on each individual basis
  • Balancing between the organizational needs and individual considerations when
  • Linking the level of involvement of employees with hygiene and motivation factors
  • Maximising benefits on a budget
  • Making the business case for a workplace scheme
  • Hiring a compensation, benefits & rewards manager
  • Aligning reward systems with organisational goals
  • Balancing schemes to motivate and engage staff 
  • The importance of communication, culture and leadership in good and bad times
  • Multi-generational awareness when developing motivational strategies
  • Effectively communicating available pension schemes and funding
  • Encouraging employees to increase their pension contributions
  • Maintaining engagement in the run-up to retirement
  • Delivering at-retirement advice

The event:

The Morning sessions will focus on the need to be perform better when it comes to developing competitive salaries and benefit schemes for those employees who deserve it. It will provide useful guidance and case studies to ensure you are engaging with staff in the right way.  

The Afternoon session will look at pensions schemes and delivering support to employees as they come towards their retirement. How can staff be engaged through to the end of their working lives and how can they be supported?

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in delivering effective compensation, benefits and pension within all sectors including: employers; payroll managers, HR officers; benefits and reward managers; trade unions and representative groups.

For registration enquiries please contact: | 0207 593 5657

To discuss event sponsorship, speaking opportunities and agenda content, please email: 

Thursday 20th September 2018

11.00am - 3.30pm (including networking lunch)

Taking place in Central London (Zone 1, Venue TBC)

Private Sector | 1 Place:£295 | 2+ Places:£245 each
Public Sector | 1 Place: £245 | 2+ Places:£195 each
Charity Sector 
| 1 Place: £195 | 2+ Places: £145 each
All displayed prices exclude VAT

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