Getting the Target right – has the Commission missed the access bullseye?

  • Reflecting on the recent Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission Annual Report, Dr Graeme Atherton lays out his thinking around the importance, and use of, targets to drive access to University.


Government's first duty is to protect the people

  • Sir Paul Stephenson, former Commissioner, Metropolitan Police gives his views on the current situation around our National Security and Counter-Terrorism policy.


Work experience: suitable for all, but tailored for the few?

  • It’s a policy which enjoys almost universal support by getting young people ‘job ready’, but, as Katy Morris asks, is quality work experience becoming the preserve of private school pupils?


FE leadership: thoughts for the future

  • In a climate where colleges are battling funding cuts and competitive pressures, how can we ensure FE leaders are afforded the training time crucial to supporting students, asks Dr Lynne Sedgmore?


How active governance could revolutionise our skills system

  • Those engaged in the governance of schools are often touted as the largest volunteer army in the UK – and a significant number of those volunteers are in fact operating within our Further Education system. Much is expected of these highly motivated folk – FE Colleges teach over 1.8 million learners a year, they are integral parts of regional economies and they operate at the heart of very substantial local communities.


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